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Open e-Book Advocacy was for students and produced by students and Faculty. It was your opportunity to demonstrate the use and usefulness of open educational resources in your personal learning environment. When open educational services dissappear in educational institutions it is not the fault of administration, staff, or lack of government attention - Open Educational Resources (OER) advocacy and services are a student responsibility because students are the clients directly impacted by the resources. Rather than being passive clients, students can effect change. Look to France if you need guidance on student action, as they have a long history of student engagement.

If the newly acclaimed president of the AUGSA is really there for the students, then I hope they will donate all their AUGSA income toward supporting OER at Athabasca University...after all they are there for the students are they not...or was it the attractive remuneration package?

This is what students have/had:


- Open e-textbook publishing system

- Open e-dissertation and e-thesis publishing system

- Open e-Literature and research compendium publishing system


The technology and expertise are here, but where is the will to use it appropriately ???


PS. Everything that I earned from being a student representative for Education was directed to supporting the , I challenge any AUGSA representative to do better for OER.


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