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Prevalence of Presumptions toward Predeterminations

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By Steve Swettenham April 8, 2019 - 6:45am

I have encountered too many instances whereby the presumption is in favour of the organization over the individual.

Case 1

Athabasca University presumes that a student should be forced to pay for the Athabasca University Student Association, rather than the contrary position of opt-in choice for the individual.

Case 2

Organ donor cards for vehicle drivers for some provinces are presumed to be acceptance with an opt-out option.

Case 3

PayPal will not protect you from a "preauthorized" billing, when you did not authorize billing, because the presumption is in favour of the vendor, not the individual PayPal account holder being falsely and fraudulently billed.

Case 4

Software that presumes a configuration, even when you did not choose it. In example, a web browser that sends you to when you are in France, even though you had been using


Welcome to the new millennium of presumptions in favour of "big-brother" over the individual ... Orwellian eh?


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