Landing : Athabascau University

Hallowed Wean


Up where doctoral studies belong, behind the black curtain of the wizard, enter the wannabe Ph. Ds.

Doctoral students apprentice to wizards: pretend to be the next generation of pretenders.

In the land behind the black curtain, in the mists of esoteric societies, pedantic pedagogues and confounding logics, exist the fabricators of fabrication nation. Here toil the makers and fabricators of knowledge. Let us spin out new invisible fabrics to bring to our initiation.

Herein lays the rub. For the uncertain labour of the noviate who practices in the tacit arts of doctoral research, come with “placebo effects.”

Trust in the teacher, the teachings, the institution, the instituting, and the illustrious history to plumb out the plum.

Work hard too, although work guarantees nothing.

The effort to produce the work usually pales in comparison to the contribution to original knowledge. The thin plum sanctions a wizardry worthy of a new wizard. Welcome doctor, shaman, wizard, fabricator. Welcome to fabrication nation.









By: SheriO
Posted: October 31, 2013, 12:20 pm