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The First Fabrication

The first fabrication…

The first fabrication of doctoral studies postulates that of all who enter doctoral studies only the worthy survive.

The second fabrication purports that students who complete do so because of greater talent.

The third fabrication says throw ‘em in the deep end without a life raft and those who learn to swim have superior merit.

The fourth fabrication sets up the course work as a proving ground, which proves nothing, cause course work discontinues with original research.

The fifth fabrication relates grades in course work to facility with doctoral research.

The sixth fabrication fails to factor in the daunting task of writing a document of greater length than has heretofore been written.

The seventh sickness fails to train doctoral researchers to work with other researchers, yet the vast preponderance of academics work with others.

The eighth exposure concerns the production of a made-only-for-doctoral-studies vehicle; the dissertation.

The ninth nix notices the non-development of new pedagogies to keep a pace with changes to research, to society, to information, to practices of scholarship in doctoral education.

The tenth tedium allows faculties to admit doctoral wannabes without apparent concern for supporting their success as in their failure to question the appalling rates of departure and long times to completion for doctoral students.

The eleventh elective fails to disclose the standards by which the candidate will be judged with any degree of transparency (or is that reliability and validity).

In the twelfth twilight doctoral programs play out feudal politics while a larger society eagerly needs the doctorate to meet the ever growing demand for new knowledge.

By: SheriO
Posted: November 30, 2013, 3:43 pm