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SCIE 326 - Unit 2 Notes

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By Xing Li May 24, 2019 - 11:46am

Unit 2

 ´╝łnet time : 114 min)

Q2.Q4. science: enterprise that generates coherent understanding about real world, yield testable theories which is relatively true.

              sum of facts, definition, theories, techniques, relationship, method of investigation and thinking, models         

science seeks understanding of the world through a process of interrogation, carried out from a scientific point of view.

Q3.        Islamic: religious fundamentalism and Mongol conquests

China: Confucianism (ethics over theory), script, emperor intervention

Q5.        X-ray: luck+ prepared mind

              Benzene: imagination

              band structure in solid: modeling and mathematical calculation

              biogeography: exploration, observation and summary

              smallpox vaccine: collection, hypothesis-deductive, test


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