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COMP 361 - Week 7 Notes

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By Xing Li May 31, 2019 - 11:23am

Unit 4

(net time : 163 min) 

Section 1 Overview


Analysis: requirements, what; Design: bridge from requirement to solution, how.

The objective of systems design is to define, organize, and structure the components of the final solution system that will serve as the blueprint for construction.

components: hardware ~ computer, network, firewall; software ~ OS, DMS, protocol, UI

Models (p161 F6.3)



architectural design = general = conceptual: broad, structure

detail design = low level, specific


6 activities: environment, application architecture, system interface, user interface, database, system control and security (in all other)



LAN for single location

3 layer design: View-UI, Domain-rules + procedures, Data


throughput factors server capacity, content delivery network server (web cache?), local internet

external hosting: reliability, security, physical facility, staff, growth

(p176 F6-15)


multiple clients:

client devices: computers, tablets, mobile, data capture devices

distributed with security: VPN


database design: structure, centralized or distributed, internal property, performance, security, integration


Q16: data theft and denial of service?


Section 2 UI/SI



3 aspects: physical, perceptual, conceptual

metaphor: direct manipulation, desktop, document

dialog metaphor: input/output vs listen/respond

Affordance: see and know; visibility: see and available

storyboarding: a sequence of sketches

layout and formatting: consistency, labels/headings, order, few variation or color-blind combination

              web: balance between performance, multimedia, compatibility; text-to-speech and voice recognition

              mobile: small screen size, small keyboard/touch screen, limited network capacity, app toolkits and guideline



XML= extensive markup language = HTML + self defining data structure

sequence diagram

reporting consideration: report type, internal/external, drill down/hot link, graphical and multi media


Q6: hyperlink?

Q9: UI screens and reports?

Q10: dropdown box?

Q11: radio button & check box?

Q12: shopping center?

Q17: classification + customize?


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