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SCIE 326 - Unit 4 Notes

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By Xing Li June 11, 2019 - 11:46am

Unit 4

(net time : 99 min)

bottom-up: build chemistry but can’t feel wet,

top-down: build physiology but can’t define health, physiology

physiology vs pathology: macro vs micro

atomic and kinetic vs earth, air, fire and water

formal purpose: understand the world, not just prediction.

prediction can test conceptual framework only if there is framework.

functional purpose: no fear, no labor, self-expression/development/understand ourselves, health, moral standard, social cohesion, ideal.

Conceptual framework: paradigm of what is important, relating to our mind and requiring intuitive insight, logical coherence and agree with empirical observation, equivalent to understanding in science

Q7: ideals of natural orders:

circle vs eclipse; rest vs motion of straight line

epicycle + large cycle -> eclipse -> gravitation + motion of straight line



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