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Unit 5: The Three Ideas

Dynamic Content. A dropdown menu that is used by default in the mobile version of the website. The same dropdown menu would also load in the desktop version of the website if the top navigation bar overflows due to a narrow browser window. Both desktop and mobile version would use the same base of code, but different CSS attributes 


Introduce collapsible sections in long pages with multiple related topics like on Wikipedia. Collapsible sections would be established through a common class or function that can be called upon as required. Also include a expand all/collapse all button. 


These features are required mostly for Jessica using an iPhone, Jimmy using a Samsung Galaxy 7, and Robert using an iPad. However, desktop users will also benefit from a more dynamic website. The dropdown menu makes the website easy to navigate. The collapsible sections will allow me to break down complex content into smaller digestible chunks that the user will able to control. 


Form Validation and Processing. Validate the data input on the feedback form. Warn users and filter out unwanted characters. Validate the string of the email for valid email structure. Submit an email to myself if the data inputs are found to be valid. Obfuscate the email address using JavaScript so that my email cannot be read by web crawlers. No need for extra spam. The feedback form was listed under my further requirements of the website. 


Find a Snowboard. A little applet which lists snowboards that might interest the user. The user inputs their riding style and weight. The script sets the user profile and search criteria. Then, the script will search through an xml file and return matches based on the input profile. I will create the xml file based on data readily available on popular vendor websites. Possibility of adding other criteria like rider experience and shoe size. This applet will be handy for Ester, Jimmy, and Robert, since they are looking for new equipment.


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