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SCIE 326 - Unit 5 Notes

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By Xing Li June 17, 2019 - 11:26am

Unit 5

(net time : 129 min)

pathological science: low statistical significance, independent of cause, exceptionally high accuracy, revolutionary, ad hoc justification, can’t be reproduced

pseudo science: static or randomly change (not gradual), vague mechanism, loosely connected thoughts, lack of organized skepticism, disregard of established results

crackpot science: secrete, contradict well-established scientific fact, modern religion

cargo cult: nonsense, imitating with little understanding the underlying rationale

creation: static + lack of skepticism; astrology: vague mechanism+ loosely connected;

factual understanding: functional + logically coherent; functional: functions, leads to appropriate behavior

open or close: whether to question basic assumptions, to distinguish, whether has alternative possibilities

instance: no alternative possibility

Q4: pseudo: worlds in collision, perpetual motion machine, creation science

              cargo cult: worlds in collision, creation science

              crackpot: perpetual motion, worlds in collision

Q5: neither: astrology; functional: religious belief like hell makes people not to do evil things; both functional/factual: evil things lead human to extinction.

Q6: success story

Q9: love for the environment with rich and bountiful resources: don’t know exactly the relation between resources and human being, fear that human will be impacted if some resources are extinct.

Egalitarianism: fear that I may be ill-treated, because I don’t know whether hierarchical society can protect one’s proper rights.


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