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SIK Guide v4.0a - Project 5B: Remote-Controlled Robot

My remote-controlled robot was not behaving the way I expected off the bat. Telling it to move forward made the robot move backwards (I assumed that the side of the robot that the wheels were attached to was the front of the robot). It was also moving left when I wanted it to move right. To fix the issue with turning I simply switched the wiring of the motor so that the motor connected to B0, B1 was moved to A0, A1 and vice versa. To fix the forward and reverse problem I rearranged the else if code so that botDirection == "f" set both motors to -200, and botDirection == "b" set both motors to +200. In hindsight I could have just switched the red and black wires on the motors themselves though. I also had an issue where one wheel seemed to spin slower then the other when driving forward or backward so that the robot would start turning instead of driving in a straight line. Since this was inconsistent, I'm thinking that this was due to the wheels slipping on the hard flooring and not that one motor was slightly faster then the other. 


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