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Unit 3: CSS Helpful Blogs & Websites

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By John Borg in the group COMP 266 August 1, 2019 - 9:08pm

After covering the chapter content for this unit, I was left with many questions. Some of these were regarding how CSS pages link with HTML pages. Others were specific styling questions. Overall, I had a lot to learn, and the following links proved to be exceedingly useful. 

One thing that I struggled with was not knowing how many stylesheets were going to be needed. Having just learned about external stylesheets, I didn't know if each CSS sheet was to correspond to only one HTML page. I have since come to realize that a single CSS external sheet can control the styling for multiple pages. This idea of 'reusing' CSS pages will be discussed in more depth in my learning diary.

This link helped me learn what was discussed above. 


Another concept which took sometime to completely understand is that of CSS selectors. Like any programming language, I had to learn these conventions. The part which I had the most trouble with was grasping the order of power for these selectors. For instance, the fact that 'id' selectors have the highest "power" as far as CSS specificity. These are important to note, because these characteristics can be considered good or bad depending on the placement.

This link helped me learn what was discussed above. 


Lastly, below is a great resource for overall styling tips in CSS.

Styling tips: