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SCIE 326 - Unit 15 Notes

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By Xing Li August 15, 2019 - 11:20am

´╝łnet time : 148 min)

empathetical: direction, intuitive feeling to be satisfied; Schrödinger equation

analogical: model/structure, more useful in analogy; plum pudding model/solar system model

analytical: details, truth criteria to be satisfied; quantum theory/hv/h/2pi

thought experiment: the construction of an imaginary experimental situation that leads to the same kind of conclusion as one would draw from a real experiment

                based on reason, theory and experience

                Achilles and tortoise, arrow not moving, everything is infinitely large and small, universal gravitation, absolute space or space~mass, relativity and non-Euclidean space, elevator and bent light, evolution in isolated island, identity in the copy machine, Turin machine and Chinese room, Schrodinger’s cat, Galileo’s refutation, Vaccum, mass transitivity

                3 dangers: wrong scientific assumption, assume too much

The contribution of science: critical analysis, skeptical attitude, basic knowledge, probabilistic thinking and evaluate causality, quantitative thinking, hidden assumption, model



Q6: infinity is illusion

Q8: the same as mass transitivity


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