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SCIE 326 - Unit 14 Notes

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By Xing Li August 7, 2019 - 11:18am

(net time : 109 min)

Unit 14

linear: proportional; exponential: rate of change proportional to the qty. (radioactivity, population, compound interest, cooling)

positive: oscillation; negative: stability.

feedback in complex systems: negative and positive, linear and non-linear coexist, reach homeostasis(equilibrium)

5 paradigmatic concepts: force, homeostasis, evolution by variation and selection, state space, autopoiesis(top-down) and self-organization(bottom-up)

principles of reason: sufficient reason, non-contradiction, identity of indiscernibles, complementarity.

principles of interpretation and measurement: Occam’s razor, common cause, equal a priori probabilities, uncertainty (observer dependency), General covariance (relativity)

principles of specific science: conservation of energy (momentum, angle momentum etc.), equivalence, least time, least action, maximum entropy, competitive exclusion, common origin of life, hybrid vigor, rational agents, uniformitarianism, original horizontality, superposition

Q1: linear to the reciprocal?

Q2: linear transitivity?

Q5: loop?

Q9: a. equal probabilities; b. sufficient reason; c. violates common cause; d. complementarity; e. common cause; f. Occam’s razor; g. equivalence; sufficient reason;

Q10: fitness varies


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