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SCIE 326 - Unit 12 & 13 Notes

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By Xing Li August 7, 2019 - 11:17am

(net time : 241 min)

Unit 12

scientific facts: empirically true but theory-laden

Q5: job search in Canada

Q7: Fahrenheit 0: freezing temperature of a solution of brine , 96: human body;

Q8: C1/(C1+C2) must between 0 and 1

Unit 13

Aristotelian: contemplation of nature, spiritual growth; Baconian: science theory is to reduce human suffering

Figure 13.1.3


Controlled experiment: test single, independent variable while other variables are controlled as constant. control group vs experiment group. Minimize random effects.

four forms of explanation: formal, causal, statistical, functional

four causal principle: uniformity ~ the identity of indiscernibles, stability ~ sufficient reason, composition ~ contradiction, common cause

scientific theory vs belief (can it be tested)

3 forms of law statements: laws of coexistence, laws of succession and laws of interaction

6 types of scientific theories: intuitional, historical, qualitative, taxonomic, statistical, dynamic

6 criteria for a good theory: fertility, connected, stable, extensible, causal, simple&elegant.


Q1: cosmology

Q2: different level from sensation, apprehension, perception to empirical thought

Q3: a. succession; b. interaction; c. coexistence; d. coexistence; e. interaction; f. succession

Q4: a. functional; b. causal; c. causal; d. causal; e. functional; f. causal; g. causal; h. causal and statistical;

Q5: a. stability; b. uniformity; c. stability; d. common cause; e. composition

Q6: Maxwell equation

Q7: This is not explained well in the textbook

Read this:


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