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COMP 361 - Reflection on Assignment 3

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By Xing Li August 7, 2019 - 11:14am

(net time: 332 min)

          When I tried to list system inputs, I made a mistake to list web interface, mobile interface and telephone interface as the three different system inputs. However, when I compared it with the definition on page 210 in the textbook, I found that they were just different devices and mechanisms to enter input, not the input itself. The system input details found on page 211 and the sequence diagram on page 212 also suggest that the information to be entered is the real system input. To correct this mistake, I rewrote the whole section of system inputs.

            I think the user interface design is the most interesting part. I’m not sure whether my design is good, but I tried to make it affordable, visible and consistent. I used icon to remind user what to enter and I highlighted the area when user select a desired time slot. Besides, I aligned the style of different windows and dialogs, and controlled color variation and contrast. Finally, I added feedback message box for either confirmation or error handling.

            Most of my past experiences are related to systems analysis, so the system design is totally new to me. I feel that I’m a bit awkward in UI design partly because I have not clear idea on what is beauty. I used Excel to design, but I think there must be more convenient designing tool. Although it’s beyond the scope of this course, it might be something I should learn if I work on systems designing in the future.

             If possible, I suggest everyone to read The Future of User Interfaces, one of the materials recommended in the digital reading room. The article includes many cool staffs like brain-computer interface, fingerprint scanner, digital glass, wearable retina display, gesture control device etc. Some of the future user interfaces may be available in the next few years.


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