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Dr. Seuss gets crunk, he knows his ish...




It's discoveries like this that validate my passion for language and pop culture. (BTW, if you don't get it, go ask Wikipedia*, "What the crunk?") Then again, it's readings like this that may be making the Seuss estate so fiercely protective of its intellectual property. According to AU honourary doctorate Lawrence Lessig:

Dr.Seuss’s representatives, for example, argued that it was better for the Dr. Seuss estate to control what happened to Dr. Seuss’s work— better than allowing it to fall into the public domain—because if this creativity were in the public domain, then people could use it to “glorify drugs or to create pornography.” (233)

Maybe, then, they'd better stash

Their store of Theodore's "Who hash."


* Not just being lazy citing Wikipedia. Having searched JSTOR, Cambridge, InfoTrac, and a few other databases, I was amazed to find no articles about crunk.


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