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Unit 4 - Script use, augmentation and learning diary

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By Jasmin Gallant in the group COMP 266 August 31, 2019 - 7:41pm

Explanation and critique:

I found this unit was easier due to the fact that I had an introduction in c++ last session and an intro in java this cession and I am comfortable around programming language structures.  I learned a little about the syntax for javascript which will help in implement code for my program later.

I found the code while finding what kind of idea I would add using someone else code and I decided to add a second menu with rotating effect so when people have reduced visibility from the header the menu is still available.

Maybe I should have just added this menu only, but I find it better having the static menu combined with the transitioning menu and I know a persona who would like it on her tablet or device.

I used the section of w3schools JS Syntax and jQuery in order to learn the syntax while looking at the code.

The code seems fine and well-structured I put a jquery code src link that I added inside the html and use  the client-side (embedded) javascipt language with // <![CDATA[ tag.</p>

The code I use is from a tutorial:

I applied it in my CSS and changed some attributes colors and background and I also had to do things a little differently, so my layout doesn’t crumble. I added class names to the


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