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Doctoral Program Index: Doctoral Research Project Redux

Readers please give me feedback regarding the doctoral research project I’m considering. I’m a doctoral researcher studying doctoral pedagogy, so the proposed project has auto-ethnographic aspects too.

Here is how the abstract might look.

I use the format of:

1. Purpose

2. Design methodology approach

3. Findings

4. Practical implications

5. Originality /Value.

Purpose: To develop indices of aspects of Canadian (or maybe online) doctoral programs. The secondary purpose seeks to create awareness of the impact of the pervasive use of digital and information technology upon teaching and learning. A message that doctoral pedagogy needs to change, renew, and update to reflect contemporary, cutting-edge, and emerging research and scholarship practices will be communicated. Technology changes teaching and learning. Doctoral pedagogy needs conscious renewal and attention.

Design/methodology/ approach: Through an examination of the available gray literature, a comprehensive picture of pedagogical aspects of doctoral programs will be composed. Research will probe for use of new approaches to doctoral education including, collaborative research, networked research, transitions to the doctoral project, multiple supervisors, formative feedback, knowledge of assessments, preparation for assessments, knowledge of the supervisory process, transparency, time to completion, attrition, culture of the doctoral program, program assessment efforts, ongoing renewal of the doctoral program etc. The data will be put into 10 point scales, to assess the overall quality of the program, the culture of the program, its transparency, the comprehensiveness of its assessment practices, its embrace of new communications media.

Luminaries in doctoral pedagogy, doctoral students and the online community of people who respond to #phdchat tweets will be enlisted to give feedback on the indices. Certain publications which actively report on developments to doctoral pedagogy may receive stories and a blog will detail the unfolding project to actively seek commentary.

The researcher may work with journalism students at Red River College (Winnipeg, Manitoba) for help with access to information, digital communication, and info-graphics.

Findings: A first iteration of several indices to evaluate doctoral programs along with guidelines for ongoing renewal and perhaps a rate my doctoral program web application will be developed. Perhaps something like a scorecard for doctoral programs will be developed.

Originality/ value: Doctoral educators, administrators and students need an instrument by which to assess their programs and to map out new trajectories.

Your comments, suggestions and critique are most welcome.


By: SheriO
Posted: December 31, 2013, 12:27 pm