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Editing Checklist

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By Jill Diachuk September 15, 2019 - 2:11pm



  • Layout format for the paper
  • Setup a schedule to work on data gathering, rough draft and other important dates. 
  • Is there any opportunity to meet with a fellow classmate to bounce ideas off of each other?
  • Is there a discernible structure to my ideas?
  • Do my paragraphs develop the thesis?
  • Do my ideas unfold in logical order?
  • Do my opening and closing sentences of my paragraphs relate back to my thesis in some form? 
  • Make an outline of my draft?
  • What is the structure of the paper? 
  • Is this APA or MLA?
  • After final edits are made sleep on it and review one more time before submitting the assignment. 

Thesis development

  • Do I have a clear thesis statement in my essay?
  • Does all the material in the paragraphs develop the thesis in some way?
  • Does some form of my thesis appear in my conclusion?
  • Does my argument progress logically and without any logical fallacies?
  • Do I have a clear introduction and conclusion?
  • Did I say what I wanted to say and did I say it clearly?


  • Is each paragraphed developed with facts and have clear direction in what is being said?
  • Does each paragraph have a topic sentence that clearly relates to some aspect of the thesis statement?
  • Does each paragraph related back and support my thesis statement? 
  • Does it flow? Can the audience clearly relate the paragraph back to the thesis statement? 
  • Are there any sentences that are just resaying the same point?
  • Is my style consistent throughout the paper?


  • Have I documented use of all sources, including ones I have paraphrased?
  • Have I done a final edit of all in-text citations and reference list entries for correct format and punctuation, according to the style I’m working in?
  • When building sources up for the paper writing the down the quotes that I see value in to allow for quicker input into paper. 
  • Are there sources that I could use from Forum 1 to help find sources or double check on grammar?
  • Have I met the required number of legitimate sources?
  • Do my sources support my thesis and add value to the paper or are they just a second thought?
  • Do I have current and historical sources to provide depth and debate to my paper? 

Grammar, sentence structure and punctuation
Area’s that I have highlighted as need improvement:


  • Agreement
  • Parallelism
  • Wordiness
  • Possessives
  • Misplaced modifiers

Additional Points

Print paper for physical review and adjustments. Send copy to editor for review. 

Review assignment description and make sure everything needed was included. 

3 business days are required when using Write Cite from the AU. Plan ahead to meet the deadline to submit and make changes in paper. 

Have I reviewed the Grading Rubric for the course? 


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