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MATH 309 - Summary

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By Xing Li September 16, 2019 - 7:56pm

(net time : 36 hours)

MATH309 Assignment 1 318
    3 271
    2 237
  Unit 1 190
    2 129
    5 128
    3 78
    6 61
    4 53
  Revision (blank) 395
  Exam (blank) 170
  study guide (blank) 8
MATH309 Total     2038


Learning the first chapter is a bit annoying because I have to resist my intuition. Most of the laws and propositions have been taken for granted for years, but now I have to prove them based on the fundamental axioms. After I’m familiar with the terminology, the following chapters are learned faster and faster.

I think the most important point of this course is the axiomatic method. By summarizing a system with a set of axioms, I can find similar structure in almost all of the six units of this course.


I made some mistakes in assignment 4 because I have wrong understanding about finite-state automata.


Learning study guide is enough for most units expect unit 6. Some content of unit 6 is only covered in the textbook.


1.       Copy all propositions, laws, axioms onto one sheet.

2.       Review all questions in the assignments.

3.       Do sample examination questions.



Overall, I get A+ (95) and my final exam is 100.


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