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Job Posting for a Course Developer (Toronto)

Hi all, 

I wanted to let you, my peers in MDDE, know about a Course Developer job opportunity at Greenwich Associates in Toronto. In this role, you'll be creating interactive e-learning modules to support a variety of audiences including contact centre staff, managers, project managers, IT, etc. As your skills develop, you'll perform more instructional design. 

Here are some reasons this is a great role: 

  • You'll be part of a positive, supportive, can-do team
  • Our team leads change within the company - you can make a difference!
  • Lots of room for growth as a course developer and instructional designer
  • Frequent opportunities to apply the skills you acquire in the MDDE program
  • Flexible working hours, option to work from home most days

Check out the job posting here or on our company site - Please email me at if you're interested in this role.