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Th Great Online 3 Minute thesis is back- only International!!

Dear CDE researchers.

We are just finalizing plans for the world's first International, 3 miniute thesis contest. This event at 10:00 AM MST on Tuesday January 28 pits up to 5 thesis students from Open University UK, Open University of Catalonia, Davinci University and of course Athabasca- all online universities, with gradute study programs in distance education.

Check out the (emergent) site here on then Landing at

The format will be the same as our Athabasca 3 minute contest in Spetember. It will run on Adobe Connect. The difference is that there will be over $1,000 worth of prices - still being finalized but 2 $500 book prizes lus more. A People's Choice as well as winner chosen by an international panel of judges.

Please email me if you want to enter and put the date in your calendar!!




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