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International Online 3 Minute Thesis

International Online 3 Minute Thesis

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A group to organize, promote and adminstrate Online Three Minutes Thesis Contests.

Great International Online 3 Minute Thesis (O3MT) Contest on Jan. 28, 2014 at 17:00 GMT via on Adobe Connect, features a group of four distance education institutions, who send their education graduate students to compete in this historic first International Online 3 Minute Thesis contest. The Partners include:

The Online Three Minute Thesis is a research communication competition originally developed by The University of Queensland, and now common throughout the World. The exercise develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills and supports the development of research students' capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes in a language appropriate to an intelligent, but non-specialist audience. 

Make sure you check out a few past winners from youtube or do a google search!

Each contestant gets three minutes and ONE powerpoint slide to explain thier thesis. At the end our expert panel will select a winner using the criteria listed here and the winner gets TERRIFIC prizes. Prizes consist of gift certificates, hosted visit at the eLearn Centre in Barcleona and more.

There will also be a "People's Choice" winner that everyone can vote for.

Connect URL for the contest and all training and practice:

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2014 Winning Entry!!

Thanks to Dan Wilton for extracting the winning presentation by Susan Bainbridge and the judges comments about it.


2014 Contest Results:

Congratulations to all 13 presenters in the 2014 contest.  Despite a few technical issues, the organizing committee was very pleased with the event- and I hope you were as well.

The recording of the session is available at

The four learned judges awarded first prize to:

Susan Bainbridge - Athabasca University - Online Education in Nepal- The Great Equalizer?

With Honourable Mentions to:

Mair Lloyd - Open University UK - eLearning for Ancient Languages

Djenana Jalovcic - Athabasca -  Road less travelled: studying online with a disability

The People's Choice Prize was awarded to: 

Victor Manuel Cab - DaVinci University - The effect of the use of electronic tablets

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Example 3 min thesis presentations

Click below to see a host of recordings of 3 minute thesis contest winners from other (f2F) schools:

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