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Unit 1: Site Design

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By Karthik kaushik in the group COMP 266 October 3, 2019 - 7:32pm

Site Design


Describe briefly what you have done as work

-Choose the topic of the website

I have always been a fan of computer games. The reason I was pulled into this world was because of old classics such as space invader, doom, Tetris, prince of Persia, Pac-man, pong, snake and the likes. I wish to make a website that will allow someone to be able to understand the history behind these games, their significance and the role they played, as well as experience the game for themselves. This will not only allow the visitors of the site to enjoy the games, but also bring an educational twist with the historic and technological significance of these games.

-developed a mockup for the website along with its site map

As part of this unit I did my best to research what was possible given my timeline and did my best to make a realistic goal that is achievable.

Created the required Personas. Tried to include people of all age groups. Due to the nature of the site being old school games, I feel like it could cater to both older people as well as the younger generation.

What went Well

I understood the basic learning outcomes of Unit 1 and completed a site design

The theme of the website was easy to come up with as this has always been the first website I wished to develop. I used a  straightforward design as well.


What didn’t go well

As I do not have much experience with web development, the most difficult part of this unit was to create a plan of action and to create a mockup with the limited time I had, while also ensuring that the outcome of the project is reasonable and achievable. I feel like the software and information I had available certainly created a bottle neck for the correct estimation of the work I that am capable of given my timeframe.

What I would do different

I would definitely spend more time researching other websites and resources to better understand and estimate the work I can produce for my first web design project. Rather than starting with mockups, I may have started with a site map the next time around. I may decide to narrow my focus to a specific topic and a single target demographic the next time just to try and understand how different of an experience that will be.