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Unit 5 - Writing JavaScript - IDEAS: Revised

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By John Borg in the group COMP 266 October 3, 2019 - 2:41pm
I have been working on the design stage of this unit for sometime now. One of my ideas was that of a weather application embedded in the webpage. Upon further investigation, I found that this will need a JavaScript API to function. Thus, I am changing one of my ideas involve a collapsible list.
Collapsible List/Accordion

This idea is designed to organize the information on the fishing page and hiking page. Currently, this page is cluttered and hard to understand. I believe that organizing the information in an intuitive, collapsible and expandable list will make for a better user experience. Several personas that I have identified to be target visitors for my site are of older demographic. Some of which are surely not “computer savvy.” This means that the collapsible list will have to make ideas easier to navigate for the target visitors. I plan to do this by displaying related information together and guiding the user intuitively through the flow of ideas. This is relevant to my identified personas as it will make the page more interactive and understandable for those with weak computer research skills.