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Lets Focus!

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By Jill Diachuk October 29, 2019 - 7:35pm

Quite frankly I just need to throw my cellphone out the window and put on a focus playlist from Spotify. The internet isn’t as much of a distraction as my cellphone with Instagram, work emails, texts and Facebook there are way too many worm holes to get lost down. 

The best tip or tactic was the setting a time limit or writing limit. At the end of day of work sitting in front of a computer then going home to do the same is draining. First off getting some physical activity in before I sit down to start my homework is a huge factor and a great refresh on my brain. We, myself included are so busy all the time that setting aside the hour to do work in the evenings is the best way for me to chip away at assignments. Sacrificing weeknights to have a little more weekend free time is an easy decision. Breaking this into time limited also gives me a light at the end of the tunnel. If I don’t finish the paragraph or whatever it maybe it will be there tomorrow ( hopefully I haven’t procrastinated, and the assignment is due the next day). This idea seems like something that is very manageable for me and suits my lifestyle. Once the routine of gym, supper, homework is established it becomes just a little easier to manage. 

There two strategies that I have eluded to above the first being music. In college I read somewhere the doing homework and studying to classical music allowed your brain to retain more information. I am not sure on if I retained more information, but I was able to stay focused longer. Spotify and other streaming services offer focus playlists that are built around music to help the brain. This has been one of the tricks I have been using when I am working through my studies. Listening to music that has no words allows for zero distractions. I am no longer listening to the music but blocking out the world. With music I would listen to driving to work there is the “sing” factor. The likely hood of it being catchy is there and thus a distraction from that action at hand. The second strategy is physical activity. Getting a quick work out or walk in before I sit down or need a break is a great reset. I feel fresh and ready to sit down again. I sit a lot at work and finding ways to move around helps when I am on a call with a client. Moving is a natural way to reset I sit down to business or homework. Burning off extra energy or work stress allows me to settle into a spot where I can zone in.  Both of those tactics have brought me success in my studies, and will be part of daily routine while in school.


While writing these blogs I am finding the benefit of building my own strategy for grad school.  First, we are laying out the editing sheet and ques as to what we need to as reminders. The second was the outlines defining what strategies in worked best or even blending those to make it how our brains work. Now we are moving into how we can make time to write, avoid distractions and find time. All over these I presume will build us a structure to use in future courses. I looked forward to this self-development and realization of what we were doing. Well played!


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