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Week 12

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By Jill Diachuk December 10, 2019 - 8:00pm

WEEK 12: 

Research found in a university library is has some form of scholarly background or peer review on it. The literature has been proven and sourced not a quick google search. One of the first things I was taught through school was to not use Wikipedia. There is a lot of false or inaccurate information on the internet that may seem like legitimate if you use google. What I did find interesting was a lot of sources I found using the AU library were in fact available on google scholar. It would be interesting to dive into that further to see if how the different articles lined up from each source. In future classes will the use of Google Scholar be a source we are able to use to find further information on topics if the information meets the criteria set in place.  

Citing sources in academic writing has a couple different purposes. The first is in the APA format it allows others reading the article more information about the where the source came from. In academic articles the relevance of the year the source was published has weight to how it adds to the article. If a paper that didn’t have variety of sources that gave background information on a topic that had been around for 20 years it may be viewed as missing information. The other reason for citing sources is plagiarism. If you have gone through the process to research and put together a literature review for example you wouldn’t want to lose that information to someone else. 


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