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What are Areas of Strength and Weakness in My Writing?

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By Lauren Dodd January 29, 2020 - 11:28am

Throughout my years of writing at different educational levels, I have learned areas of strength and areas of weakness. At each level of writing, new expectations are presented and my writing has had to improve in order to meet the new expectations set upon my writing. For example, writing an essay at the high school level was much different than writing at the undergraduate level, and now is much different writing at the graduate level. 

I believe that a strength of mine, is adapting my writing style to the level at which I am writing. Having the ability to write an 8 page paper or a 25 page paper, and developing both with strong substance. On a more professional level when writing emails, I understand my audience for each email in order to write appropriately targetting that audience and displaying professionalism, knowledge and respect through my writing. 

In my writing of essays, I can identify a weakness in repetition and have to watch for this. When trying to write a longer paper, it can be easy to accidentally repeat unnecessarily. I try to watch for this and be aware of it, so as to not simply be filling pages with fluff and repetition. 

I look forward to learning more about my writing during the upcoming critical review assignment.  


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