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Keep Calm And Carry On DE

EDDE 806 Critical Reflections of the online conference discourse on March 19, 2020 at 18:00 to 20:00 MST.


The meeting format began with an announcement that speakers were not available but check-ins could include discussion on the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) current event. The check-in duration was approximately 52 minutes with Reva hosting the latter portion of the discourse, as prepared by Dr. Bainbridge.

Critical Reflections

I agree with Dr. Bainbridge that opportunities exist for distance education practice to engage with current events, in particular with displaced students from traditional brick and mortar schools. I am skeptical that leadership exists to “seize the day” and educate a nation and global community. History repeats itself with every epidemic, as politics, emotions, and irrationality rule, with truth becoming the first casualty.

The following potpourri of URL’s provide brief information (i.e., URL collection is a sandwich between society and environment), as a cross-hybrid advanced organizer / job aid and backgrounder to further discourse in this post:

  • Tony Heller - No Correlation Is Causation -

A statistic that the medical establishment may not like is that “100% of patients die,” as this statement is a direct criticism of the business of health care. The aforementioned perspective is juxtaposed to the health care mantra of extending life where Canadians spend large sums on end-of-life, as noted in the aforementioned links.

Currently, the politics of risk communications dictates that creating an extreme situation (e.g., total lockdown of human populations) is preferable to doing less than the public outrage fuelled by communication networks, even when the hazard has been demonstrated to have a low risk of mortality relative to other hazards.

History and epistemology are useful to human survival. However, repeating past mistakes demonstrates a gap in education. Modern distance education (DE) can bridge such a learning gap with real-time research and praxis via a digital environment. Hence, on-demand micro certifications, mini workshops, current issue courses, and online partnerships to fill gaps in DE support, offer avenues for educational institutions to participate in real-time DE at local, national, and global levels.

Lesson(s) Learned

Complex problems do not have simple solutions. Society can descend from a democracy to a totalitarian system very easily, as demonstrated by France’s government withholding masks and antiseptic products from the general population and punishing individuals that do not remain insitu. Distance education opportunities need leadership but that was forsaken when mentors and the knowledgeable were eliminated from the education system. Hence, don’t count on your leaders, it is up to educators in the system to “seize the day.”


There are many titles that were applicable to this post such as, Have you gone mad? or Death of Commons Sense (already taken), or Just wait for the real one. However, I elected to go with the more educational and pragmatic perspective, Keep Calm And Carry On DE.


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