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By Terry Anderson March 14, 2014 - 10:46am

 The number of people who have registered accounts on Athabasca Landing continues to grow, (recently exceeded 6,000) but many of these are students who have now left.  Perhaps a better indicator of use and adoption is the number of unique monthly visits (graphed below). Obviously use and adoption is growing steadily, but not exponentially. Traffic slows in the summer months and there was an unexplained drop in the fall 2013, but other than that one can conclude that the Landing use at Athabasca is growing

We also have data indicating parallel growth in page views and bandwidth used, but we fear that well over 50% of these are from Bots and Spammers. However the data below on unique logins likely has minimal impact from spammer - no more than one visit a month from these nuisance views.Visitors to Landing Graph

  Landing Visits Graph




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