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COMP 361 – Reflection about Assignment 2

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By Youssef Girgeis October 1, 2020 - 10:01pm

After assignment one, I honestly didn’t like the course, but assignment two was less frustrating and it was fun. Assignment two was more practical than assignment one. I didn’t do well in assignment one and I was confused about a lot of topics and didn’t learn much from it.  The tasks in assignment two are more tangible compared to assignment one. Also, the tutor’s feedback on assignment one helped a lot in assignment two.

I didn’t find use case part challenging, especially after we created the events table in assignment one. I was able to easily identify most of the use cases.  First, I created all use cases in one box, but the diagram wasn’t very eye pleasing as there were many use cases. Other students recommended to create five (membership, reservation, vehicle usage, billing and accounts, vehicle locations) separate use case diagrams. I decided to divide the whole diagram into subsystems and create use cases for each subsystem. The result was better than the first approach and it was more readable. Use case diagrams take time to create. You always forget to add use cases and you have to go back add them to your model. Sometimes you end up removing use cases from the diagram. I had to make changes to my use case diagrams more than five times till I finally finalized it.

The model class diagram was a little harder than use case diagram. The process of identifying the things or objects in the scope of the project was exhausting. There were a lot of nouns or things that I wasn’t sure whether to include in the class diagram or not. As opposed to the use case diagram, there weren’t to many changes and editing.

Even though it was easiest the part in the assignment, it was time consuming and daunting. I started working on this part right after part A, but I didn’t finish and put it on hold. Then I worked on the class diagram, essay, reflection and lastly the use case description. There was a lot of overlap and redundancy in my use cases and I wanted to keep my descriptions clear and brief. Also, for some use cases I didn’t know how describe them, even one sentence. Other use cases were straight forward to describe in detail.

Finally, I did enjoy working on this assignment. Even though, I don’t know my grade in this assignment yet, but I feel that I will receive a better grade than in assignment one.


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