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COMP 361 – Reflection about Assignment 3

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By Youssef Girgeis October 8, 2020 - 7:05pm

Clearly this assignment is a lot easier and shorter compared to that first two assignments, but still took a fair amount of time to complete. The assignment instructions were so vague as I spend a fair amount time trying to understand what I am supposed to do, especially the system inputs and outputs sections. I always spend more time trying to understand the assignment than working on it. I found the textbook to be unclear when illustrating the system inputs and outputs. I relied on external resources to help me complete both sections. I do appreciate other students’ recommendation and suggestions on the discussion forum for assignment 3. It really helped a lot to put me on the right track. For students who haven’t started this assignment, I would recommend spending some time reading questions posted by other students on the forum. This will save you time and effort searching the web trying to find explanation of unclear parts of the assignments.

Creating the storyboard is the best of part of the assignment that I enjoyed the most. The only downside to this part is it takes so much time to complete it and this is where I spent the most of my time. I used Microsoft Visio to create the storyboard. It is a very powerful software to create all kind diagrams and models. Visio is not a free software and you would need a license to use the it, but luckily, I was provided with a license from the company I work for. For this section, I recommend visiting any website that mimic the reservation (any hotel website will do) scenario. This will walk you through the reservation process and will help you create the storyboard faster. 

I always enjoy the essay questions as it forces you to search for deep understanding of important topics in system analysis. And the essay question on this assignment was very important. It is crucial that you can distinguish between system analysis and system design. I believe that these are the kind of the questions that you could encounter in a technical interview.


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