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COMP 361 – Reflection about Assignment 4

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By Youssef Girgeis November 9, 2020 - 7:51pm

I find the tutor’s feedback on the previous the assignments always a great help. It reduces the confusion and puts on the right track. Though, this assignment was very hard compared to assignment two and three. I spent more time working this assignment than the previous ones, especially when I was working on the sequence diagram.

The preliminary first-cut design class diagram was easy and didn’t spend much time on it. I modified the same domain class diagram I created for assignment two by adding the type of each attribute and its visibility, then I added visibility navigation.

The sequence diagram and multilayer design was the hardest. I feel that I am going to lose most of the marks because of this part. I spent so much time trying to get this diagram done. I do understand the purpose of sequence diagram, but I had hard time completing one myself. I think more examples would help you, but the textbook only provides two examples.  I also had quite a hard time knowing what to add for the data layer. I gave up and submitted what I completed as I more work to finish with other courses. I recommend watching YouTube videos for more examples.

The last part of the assignment where you must add method signature to each class wasn’t challenging as the sequence diagram.  I followed the diagram in the textbook and added a few methods to my diagram.

And as usual, my favourite part of the assignment is the essay question. It helps me to understand specific topics very well as I have to search for the right answers on the internet.

Finally, this assignment made understand the importance of system design. You can obviously see that when creating the sequence diagram, and how it would make the developers’ job easier as it shows how class each interact with other classes and what methods need to be called from other classes.


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