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COMP 361 - Assignment 5: Reflection

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By Youssef Girgeis November 29, 2020 - 5:52pm

As always, the tutor’s feedback on the previous assignments made things clearer and helped when working on this assignment. I found this assignment to be the easiest among all the assignments of this course – it is easier in terms of the instructions and work. The book provided a lot of examples that were helpful, and I found myself not having to look for additional information online to complete the assignment.

For the first part of the assignment, the database schema, I just created a one table with two columns. The first column is the table names and second columns are each table attributes. I didn’t do much work on evaluating schema quality as I felt my tables are already in 3NF form. Maybe my tables are very simple and that is why they didn’t need improvements.  I found that the textbook did a fantastic job explaining what I needed to do for this question. The data access classes part was somewhat confusing because I didn’t do that part in the pervious assignment.

It is straightforward to understand what the integrity controls are if you read the textbook. The textbook explains each control and provide examples. For this part, I read the textbook, then I though of scenario on how to apply each of the integrity control in the Car Sharing system. After completing this section, I have a pretty good understanding of the seven integrity controls. I would recommend searching for more examples to better understand some the controls where the textbook lack to provide concrete examples.

The access security was bit vague. I just wrote simple paragraph to describe the users for which the Car Sharing system is designed for. I referred to the textbook diagram on page 398 while answering this question, but still could not figure what I needed to do.

 As always, I enjoy the essay portion of the assignment, as it forces me to dig deeper into a topic that I am not familiar with. I also feel like the essay portion prepares me for the final examination. 

Finally, I am glad that I am submitting this assignment since it is my last one as I already have written the final exam. This course was challenging to me, but I did enjoy it.


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