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Unit 6 - Using Libraries Proposal

JQuery allows for the implementation of programming done by others into your own site. I had two goals in mind when I reviewed what JQuery is. Firstly, I thought I could use JQuery to better organize the Beginners section on my site. I could enhance it with images, an embedded video, and have tabs to click to show only the information requested by the user. This will increase the professionalism of the presentation and increase the speed and time that personas can get what information they want.

Secondly, I plan to implement an external table sorter to replace the large and somewhat higher maintenance table sorting JavaScript code I have written myself. By using someone else’s creation, I can likely increase the maintainability of my site to make it less time consuming to add content. It’s not that my code is bad, but it’s more believing that a better option exists out there in an existing library that I can implement into my site. I have one in mind that I found while exploring via Google, but I do not want to commit to it if the implementation is too difficult.

Here is the page with JavaScript implementation of the table sorting program I wrote, which will be lost when replaced with the revamped sorter I plan to implement this Unit:

Both proposed implementations greatly enhance the functionality of my site and the user experience. For accessibility and compatibility concerns, a simple NOSCRIPT element will provide the same information at a lower level experience. I am not overly concerned about the small amount of space duplicating the information will take up as the size of the text on my page is minimal.