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Top Picks of a DE Sommelier

The concept behind any good beverage and EDDE course pairing is that the individual key elements of both interact with each other in the right combination to make the entire learning experience more enjoyable.  Adopting a student centered approach to this valuable facet of Distance Education this exploration is not predicated on the pursuit of the illusive “textbook” perfect pairing.  Instead, it encourages open participation in a transparent, unmediated, connected environment, in the hopes that meaningful pairings can be made beyond the imaginations of the originators of this endeavor, Shelley Pinder and Lisa Hammershaimb (fall 2014, personal communications).   Broadening the definition of sommelier to apply to any type of beverage, AU faculty and students are already DE Sommeliers: each chooses the perfect beverage to accompany oneself through online synchronous seminars, to fuel seemingly endless hours of rewrites, or to celebrate each completed project.

Share your beverage-course pairings, your rationale, or how your choice changed over time as the course progressed. When you tag your comments, it would be great if you included the course letters and numbers with a space, i.e. EDDE 801.


  • I’m starting EDDE 804 with San Pellegrino’s Clementina, because it’s a fresh gentle transition to coursework while giving a nod to the citrus festive flavours of the holidays.

    Peggy Lynn MacIsaac January 9, 2015 - 12:44pm

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