Landing : Athabascau University

LANDING 4U ... The Blurb....


  1. Accredited university umbrella

  2. Freedom of academic discourse and be 'published'

  3. Choice in public or private communication

  4. Free to students and staff

  5. Non-commercial

  6. Automatic Open Educational Resource (OER)

  7. Expanding Knowledge Network

  8. Community Outreach

  9. Online Learning - Open 24/7

  10. Instant Publishing


So how many post-secondary institutions in Canada offer such a public personal digital network within an accredited and stable environment ?

         (stable as an actual university campus)


PS. I was reminded by a colleague that I may have used the predecessor to the LANDING called Me2U.  This was obviously not memorable to me but evoked some thoughts on the LANDING.  My first experience to the LANDING was huh why would I, as a student, give up time to contribute to another web space when I have my own Wordpress blog or Fbook etc.?  Then the aforementioned reasons made it all worthwhile to contribute, as part of my profession and personal interest.  Having a personal Wordpress blog is just another digital artifact in the Internet wilderness.  Fbook is just another commercial enterprise waiting to use you.  Thankfully there is an option - the LANDING.  I would like to see a donation button on the front page of the LANDING site, because there have got to be some senior Athabasca University Alumni looking to contribute toward this very active and valuable community project.