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Your future may be the past you didn’t learn…

Listening to those that “have been there and done that” is critical to not repeating history and perhaps designing and developing a better future.  Sadly, I have found it rare for younger pedagogues/andragogues to take the time to listen to those who have gone before them…much farther.

What I am learning is that the modern net student wants to consume and construct information in a very different way than the past.  This change can partly be explained by adoption of mobile technologies, and present learning environs.

These changes have a profound effect on design and development of digital spaces.  This has been examined through the concept of personal learning environments (1ab).

Key observations by those professors of post-secondary learning environs:

  • ‘Death by Powerpoint’ – the  “digital overhead simulation” pushes information slide after slide until you are bored to death
  • Q and A – questions and answers have to be next to each other
  • One click/tap away – all content upfront, with no drill down necessary to access key information

For Consideration…

  • Content authoring via tablets.
  • Simplified content presentation
  • Open integration to existing enduser digital spaces
  • Socialized integration


  • LMS’s and MOOCS are constrictive analogue simulations by design
  • CMS and frameworks are potentially less restrictive
  • Accessibility is a major focus
  • Flat structures with less drill down to expedite content exposure


(1a) Original list of PLE Publications

(1b) Anderson, Terry (2006), PLE’s versus LMS: Are PLEs ready for Prime time?, Virtual Canuck, Blog

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Posted: February 18, 2015, 4:15 am


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