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Unit 1 Site Design & Learning Diary

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By Ge GAO in the group COMP 266 May 16, 2021 - 4:22pm

Unit 1 - Site Design.pdf In this unit, I have the opportunity to think of website content I would like to share with the public, which is a very interesting experience. 

The inspiration for my website is from my recent strong interest in a Kpop group called NCT.  I want to make this website to help others who do not know about NCT well quickly learn the information they are interested in. Nowadays, Kpop has already become a worldwide topic among young people, so this website will help more international fans to learn more about this group.

People who come to my website can find group introduction, NCT project introduction, filmography, and fun facts and stories of this group. NCT has many subunits which may cause confusion to new fans about the difference between different subunits. In this section, viewers can find information for each unit. In each subunit page, it will include member introduction and discography of this unit.NCT has 2 major projects since its debut, so this page will explain the concept and activity of each project. The filmography page will help new fans to quickly find the collection of the NCT TV show names. The last section is NCT memes. New fans and people who don't know them well before may do not understand some jokes members and fans are talking about, this section will collect iconic funny quotes of members and some funny stories fans discuss a lot. 

Though I have many ideas for my website, my current knowledge still can't convert the idea to action. I hope with the learning of the following units could realize these ideas.