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I will let you decide what VISTA stands for.

However, for me VISTA is the Win Millenium of old, but now we have Apple to thank for going retro with another donkey OS in the world - LION.

Example 1: Spotlight - a process that you can't disable but will suck the resources from your computer if you don't exclude certain folders in the Privacy tab in Spotlight System Preferences
Example 2: Window - top right icon to expand left side bar now gone
Example 3: All the icons in side bar are the same so now non-distinguishable (really bad design)
Example 4: The User Library folder has disappeared (most likely to dumb down the system so users won't hurt themselves)
Example 5: Slower than Snow Leopard
Example 6:..... getting tired as there is so many....

No, Apple could not bother to continue improvement of Snow Leopard and server (vastly superior), rather all that money they are drunk on had given them the dim idea to bring a MAC VISTA to market.  Thank you Apple.  I'll stay with stable, reliable, and productive Snow Leopard (10.6.x).

While anti-Microsnots laud MAC, they must have very short term memories.  Apple has a history of shafting the consumer, pretending to be the benevolent dictator.  Their Fascist modus operandi seems to be working for the shareholders, but I'm passing on the dead cat, and will wait for some other species in the digital natural selection.


PS. I remember the Apple advertisment of 1984 claiming that they would unshackle the masses from the tyranny of the PC world.  Now I can't tell the difference....


  • I think reading this post has jinxed my MBP, not a month out of the box with Lion 10.7.2. Was working just fine until this afternoon. Now I'm trawling the Apple support forums while the machine spins the beachball every time I try to do literally anything in Word. Ack!

    Mark A. McCutcheon December 15, 2011 - 9:03pm

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