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Unit 1: Site Design & Map [Learning Diary 2]

Hahd Khan
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By Hahd Khan June 27, 2021 - 9:12pm

 In this unit, I learned about site design.

This included the main theme and purpose of the site, personas, scenarios, looking at legal social organizational requirements and site map.

The main theme and purpose, of the site, allow us to map out how we want to structure our website and who our target audience is.

For Personas, it was important to create a fictional character who would be interested in the product. This is a cost-effective way to mimic behavior that a real-life person would act when approaching your website. This creates reliable and semi-realistic representations of the audience that you are targetting.

A scenario serves to play the persona in a story mimicking the behavior in how the persona would use our website or product. Multiple scenarios may be used for the same persona. They serve as test cases of sorts to ensure your product meets the standards you conjure.

We should also not shirk away from our responsibility to fulfill any legal, social, organizational responsibilities and should list them in our list of requirements for our product(website)

I learned about Mockup and Site Design to visualize my product and also useful if presenting my website to a client. Although not set in stone, good website design mostly about letting people approach the task they'd like to achieve in the simplest manner possible, not about looking beautiful. Organization and convention is also important, like the login page for Athabasca has poor design it has a checkbox where normally it would say "remember me for next time", it has "change password". I believe better research into the design would have helped.

that concludes todays learning diary


Hahd Khan

Site Design and MapSite design and Map