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UNIT 2: HTML SITE BUILDING [Learning Diary 2]

Hahd Khan
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By Hahd Khan August 3, 2021 - 9:09pm

html file


To go through a thorough understanding I went through W3Schools HTML  tutorials.

This allowed me to get a thorough understanding of HTML practices 

Critique and changes made for Unit 1:

  • Code was structured by using indentation, this allows for data structured inside a tag to have better readability 
  • The and tags separated for clarity and readability
  • I separated the tags from the and tags to conduct good practice and visibility
  • The img tag didn't have a closing tag so   / was included at the end of the img tag so it looks like image rather than image 
  • The tag separated from the unordered list tag
  • In the making lists section, I separated the unordered and indented categories to be two separate categories 
  • I added the span tag to wrap "nothing wrong" to give emphasis
  • I added an h3 tag to display that form is underneath the title and added the form so that the contents can be emailed to me
  • I separated the img and p tags from each other


Completing this assignment I have started Structuring my website, currently, there have been no changes from the version presented in the previous assignment

  • Home Page: Includes Components divided up into Personal projects, Work Projects, Certifications, Art, About me section at the end
  • Contact Me:  Listing my contact information and a message to send to me if needed
  • Resume: An uploaded pdf version of my resume
  • Socials: GitHub and LinkedIn page

I will ensure to keep my personas in mind when building a website, structuring HTML in a way that CSS that follows can easily be implemented for clear visibility and accessibility.

Another way to measure how effective a website is by measuring the number of clicks it takes to get to the task at hand. I have included hyperlinks for my socials and a pdf copy of my resume at the top so they are accessible at all times.   

The walkthrough for my resume takes into account disabled users and if they were to require something like a screenreader I have segregated elements within HTML so it is easier to pick up.

Keeping an effective and simple website is essential in order not to frustrated anyone looking to hire me, marketing my skills as a web developer.

The Coding Section of the website was pretty straightforward after reading through the modules and looking at coding practices.

I believe I've met the requirements for well-structured standards-compliant code with no visual mark-up and I've used appropriate tags with a proper indentation for readability and clarity. My critique should measure up to standards and explained my design decisions.

I've related what I've learned and applied it to my website design while taking into account personas.

Filling up the criteria for A grading.


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