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Pedagogies of Deferral and Difference: tracing a rhizomatic connection to learning.

Brilliant student post-human essay looking, ostensively, at rhizomatic learning and Connectivism but that is, in reality, a self referential deconstruction of academic essays and connected knowledge in which every singleword is hyperlinked. Delightful. The links  are very interestingly selected.


  • That's a lot of linking! I bet more work went into coding than writing here. This is the kind of experimental research writing that highlights the patent absurdity of Access Copyright's claims that linking is "copying" and should be surveilled and charged a fee. Writing like this could simply cripple any mechanism AC might devise for doing so, just by overloading it.

    Mark A. McCutcheon April 3, 2012 - 11:34am

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