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The Next Generation of Digital Learning Environment

cited from the report --

"Consultations with more than 70 community thought leaders brought into relief the contours of a next generation digital learning environment (NGDLE). Its principal functional domains are interoperability; personalization; analytics, advising, and learning assessment; collaboration; and accessibility and universal

A good summary of current trends of technologies for future LMS design.



  • It is indeed an interesting report, well worth sharing.

    See too my commentary at, which has links to this whitepaper, to my earlier comments on it, and to Tony Bates's thoughts on the idea that started the conversation. See also some excellent analysis by Michael Feldstein at which goes into a lot of technical depth and detail on where the dragons lie in all this.

    The paper describes how many of us think we should be thinking about building systems to support online learning - indeed, I have been saying so for well over 10 years - though I and others are a bit concerned that it will repeat the mistakes made in earlier projects of a similar nature, especially on the very similar and even higher profile ELF project over 10 years ago. It's the right way to build learning systems but perhaps a lighter-touch approach to standards would be wise.

    Jon Dron July 3, 2015 - 5:22pm

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