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US Charges a suspect with cyber terrorism crimes for the first time (by Pierluigi Paganini )

US Charges a suspect with cyber terrorism crimes for the first time by Pierluigi Paganini


This bookmark is to the shocking and baffling case of a Kosovo national living in Malaysia who hacked into servers to steal confidential identities of US service members. This individual by the name Ardit Ferizi went a step further to share this stolen data with known terrorists in the IS militant group. This information was in turn used by the IS militant group to threaten the United States and its service personnel.

According to the International Business times, “Ferizi, who is known by his hacking moniker "Th3Dir3ctorY," is believed to be the leader of an Internet hacking group called Kosova Hacker's Security”.

Ethically speaking, it is mind boggling as to why any individual would want to commit such an act. Fortunately Ferizi has been arrested in Malaysia and plans are underway to have him extradited to the United States to stand trial. Ferizi is the first person ever to be charged with cyber terrorism.




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