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Canada Moot 2013 Presentation

Canada Moot, a conference about Moodle, is taking place in February, and is in Vancouver this year. Terry Anderson and I are giving a presentation (details below). Call for abstracts ends November 10th so still time to get involved!


Confounding redundancy: LMS, Social Networks & E-portfolio Systems


This session looks at three of the most popular teaching and learning systems at all levels that used to support formal education. However, increasingly LMS, E-portfolio and Social networks each offer similar tools and redundancy can be expensive and confusing. This study examines a theoretical model developed by the authors which shows the strengths and uses of individualized, group, network and sets of learners and the tools that often work most effectively to support learning in each aggregation. The session concludes with a brief demonstration of the Elgg system developed at Athabasca.

Presenter(s): Terry Anderson - Athabasca University
Jon Dron - Athabasca University


  • The comparison between social networks such as Facebook or the Landing is fairly common and quite easy, but most often e-portfolios are used in a summative fashion as an individual process, and not really focussing on social learning processes.  However, the point of our presentation is to show redundancy's and this recent article from International Journal of E-Portfolios shows that e-portfolios can also be used as PLEs (personal learning environments) with major benefits being social interations.

    The Dialogic Potential of ePortfolios: Formative Feedback and Communities of Learning Within a Personal Learning Environment
             Ester Ehiyazaryan-White, University Centre Doncaster

    But is this just an example of stretching a tool beyond its designed affordances and is this a good idea??

    Better come to our presentation to find out - and we better do a good one :-)


    Terry Anderson November 4, 2012 - 4:59pm

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