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Winslett, "Resisting 'innovation talk' in higher education teaching and learning"

Winslett, Greg. ""Resisting innovation talk in higher education teaching and learning." Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education (2012).


The exhortation to innovate is a pervasive one that occupies a central position across university mission statements, strategic plans, marketing literature and job titles. This article locates a discourse of innovation within a history of Australian federal higher education policy, a history that may bear similarity with other national contexts. The article names this discourse as an innovation talk that influences our teaching and learning practices, a discourse that can be reconfigured in a way that opens up the possibility for change. As such, the article presents an analytical process used to resist taken-for-granted views of what constitutes valuable teaching practices. Suggestions for re-conceptualising how universities govern and support teaching and learning innovation are drawn from analysis of key federal policies that have influenced university practices in recent years.


  • Interesting to see Roger's viewed as Linear. I viewed it as very granular and should be applied to with both cyclic and networked components. Cyclic in that re-invention is identified as an ongoing process within a node and networked in context of the relationships between agents and other adopters.

    Eric von Stackelberg November 21, 2012 - 9:59am

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