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"The Sexist Ads of 2012" ... Smirnoff and Sexual Consent

I was watching this quick video of 2012's sexist advertising... the usual cleavage and legs, one really icky ad from Barbie, and then a couple of images from Smirnoff popped up. They can't have been shown on teevee, what with the nipples, so I imagine they showed up in a men's magazine somewhere...



I guess the idea is to "creatively" show the fantasies lurking behind the normal. OK. It's a reasonable enough portrayal of "fantasy." But I really gotta question what these fantasies are about. Yeah, lots of people have all kinds of weird fantasies they'd never act on, but sexual consent -- especially when there's alcohol involved -- is something men are often genuinely confused about. It seems just a mite irresponsible to go around taking out ads saying that all that's standing between normal dudes and crazy sex parties is a bottle of booze and a woman to pour it into. 

Thing is, when it takes a bottle of vodka to bring out women's slutty sides... that's actually just rape. This is way past Boobs Make You Buy Things advertising. This is How to Rape People advertising, with a creepy message on the side that gosh, I wish I was raping someone right now is where "normal" heterosexual men's minds are supposed to wander during their otherwise mundane days. 

What I don't get is how men can be presented with this kind of image of themselves over and over and not think gosh, Smirnoff thinks I'm rapist waiting to happen - fuck them and their cheap, nasty vodka


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