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Introduction to Recommender Systems | Coursera

From the announcement sent to me via the recsys mailing list, this may be of interest to some:

"An Introduction to Recommender Systems

taught this fall by Joe Konstan and Michael Ekstrand

on Coursera (

We're delighted to be putting together a course that has both broad
coverage of recommender systems and deep dives into many of the core
algorithms.  We hope this is useful to many of you (and may even be a
useful way to help some of your students when you don't have a course on
the topic available locally).

Please feel free to spread the word; we welcome as many students as are
interested.  And for those unfamiliar with these courses, they are open to
any who register, but are time-limited classes with deadlines for
assignments, exams, etc.  This course will run for 14 weeks starting
September 3rd."

I've signed up! The course facilitators and authors are well-known in the field so this should be an interesting MOOC for those with a little technical background.