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A Month of "Statistics for Mere Mortals" via MOOC

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By Terry Anderson 24 September 2013 @ 10:41am Comments (1)

A Month of "Statistics for Mere Mortals" via MOOC with Lloyd Rieber

For CDE students this can serve three purposes (at least).

  1. Gain exposure of MOOC (scaleable??) learning. 
  2. Meet the need to use statsitics or lose it.
  3. See how a Timed learning sequence (of 5 weeks) works for you.

Dates: October 7-November 11, 2013

Cost - Free


  • an unauthenticated user of the Landing September 25, 2013 - 5:56pm

    I participated in this MOOC (along with more than 900 others from around the world) when it was first offered from August 5 to September 9, 2013.  I found it to be well worth the effort.  It is a summary of basic statistical procedures in the form of video tutorials and step-by-step procedural instructions delivered with exceptional clarity by Professor Lloyd Rieber.  All computations are carried out using MSExcel - so you must have this software to participate fully.

    There are short open-book quizzes at the conclusion of each module, as well as an open-book multiple choice final test.  If you pass the final, a Certificate of Completion is issued in your name.

    Although there is a student forum, it was used mostly for self-introductions rather than for inter-student exchanges of info, etc.  In that respect, this MOOC is very different from others I have attended in the past.

    Dr. Rieber is very responsive to questions, which is great if even clearly presented statistics lessons baffle you.

    Have fun!

    - Ken Desson